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Different artistic expressions, a single interdisciplinary place.
Shows, figurative arts, events, meetings …
Spazio Kor is the ideal place to give birth to a new cultural experience,
which can become a reference point for research and innovation in theater.
A new participatory approach through which to become part of a cultural program.


Spazio Kor is a project born in 2016 to manage and give a new identity to the Piccolo Teatro Giraudi, owned by the Municipality of Asti and managed by the CRAFT Association until 2019 through a public tender. The Spazio Kor project was created to continuously bring to Asti a theater different from that of traditional programming, but above all to give a shared home to those who create that theater and to the public that loves it. The space of our project is the deconsecrated church of San Giuseppe di Asti, baroque architecture recently restored by the Municipality of Asti and converted into a fascinating theater. The name given to the cultural project comes from the public itself, which participated in the game evenings in the theater, interacting with the various spaces, the scenic objects, the museum and with the actors-characters of the theater universe. During 2017 we organized 2 artist residences, called Signals that received proposals from all over the world and were aimed at redesigning the outdoor spaces of the garden and the foyer.

La Macchina delle Illusioni Museum (dedicated to Maestro Eugenio Guglielminetti) is the third creative experience of Spazio Kor, consisting of a series of interactive installations that invite the visitor to play with the techniques and technologies actually used in making theater. Spazio Kor is therefore a laboratory of ideas, where a young and passionate public can easily access and discover the functioning of the theater and its tricks.

The creation of these projects always follows the idea of ​​creating a common space of interaction and participation between the public and theater professionals, the only goal is to engage and develop a new public model around a contemporary vision of theater. A space where the religious architecture of the building dialogues with the identity of the community and contemporary creativity.

The management project involves many other realities, such as the Teatro degli Acerbi, the Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation and has been selected for numerous requests for funding, such as the Compagnia di San Paolo for its development and the new theater season, the Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, CRT Foundation and Piedmont Region Hangar.

Other collaboration and partnership open the way for a simulating future of Spazio Kor, the association Produttori del Nizza has ensured that in foyer, before the shows, the public can live and taste a bit of those cultural landscapes recognized by UNESCO.

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