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We promote quality experiences, linked to the theater of research and the expressive arts of the contemporary, which focus on places and their meanings. We do it for and with the community.
We combine visions, networks and strategies with local and international management and concreteness.
We do it with correctness, seriousness and a bit of madness.



A group of professionals dealing with projects in various fields of art and culture at city, regional, national and international level.

Since 2013 we make theoretical-practical courses in scenography and theatrical staging.

Craft has gained considerable experience over the years in the cultural sector and related to the performing arts in particular. The composition of the team, profoundly heterogeneous but closely knit, allows us to follow the creative process from its creative conception to administrative closure and communication.

Although starting from the world of innovation theater we have carried out successful projects in various cultural and creative fields.



Contemporary production and creativity

Cultural planning and management

Cultural community

Communication and Marketing of Culture

The Craft Association uses the language of theater to conduct its activities in different areas: theater, architecture, new technologies. The foundations of the theatrical discipline are the basis of the methodological approach used by the team: the theater is seen as an analysis lab, in which we can isolate phenomena to be able to observe them more precisely, in order to read the relationships they have with the surrounding environment.


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Craft headquarter:
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From Monday to Friday you can find us in Piazza San Giuseppe in Asti at the Spazio Kor

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