We promote quality experiences, linked to the theater of research and the expressive arts of the contemporary, which focus on places and their meanings. We do it for and with the community. We combine visions, networks and strategies with local and international management and concreteness. We do it with correctness, seriousness and a bit of madness.

CRAFT Association was born in April 2014 from the collaboration of a group of professionals dealing with projects in various fields of art and culture at city, regional, national and international level.

The Association from 2014 until now

CRAFT was created to encourage teaching related to disciplines that find little space in the educational programs of universities and academies and that need practical feedback in the learning process such as: set design, theatrical lighting, museum setting, video-making, stagecraft, music therapy. The training proposal has a peculiar character given by the training method, which uses the language of theater to conduct thematic workshops in different fields: theater, music, architecture, new technologies. The theater is seen as a laboratory of analysis, in which to isolate phenomena in order to be able to observe them more precisely, to read the relationships they have with the surrounding environment. The stage is used as a neutral place, or rather “non-place”, in which each sign acquires a universal value and is amplified in the instant in which it is performed, since it is not disturbed by external agent.

Since 2016 CRAFT is actively involved in the management of cultural and community spaces, through the three-year management of the Spazio Kor in Asti. The project aims to enhance the deconsecrated church of great architectural charm, where the historical-architectural elements have been cleverly combined with a theatrical structure indicated for a contemporary programming, giving a sense of continuity between the past glories of the place and the experimentation and research of new ones expressive forms.

The name Spazio Kor, attributed to the cultural project within the Teatro Giraudi, was born from the public that participated in the three evenings of games held in December 2016 and perfectly represents the will to involve and open the cultural planning based on audience development.

The space now houses an autonomoust heater season, in collaboration with important companies in the sector, such as Piemonte dal Vivo, Teatro di Dioniso and Rassegna Concentric for the promotion and dissemination of contemporary theater in the province of Asti. In particular, CRAFT deals with the promotion of events programmed within the space to create a new loyal audience through audience engagment and the loyalty of young people in school / university age and under 40. The 17/18 season realized in space is constituted from 35 events, including contemporary theater, dance, contemporary circus and documentaries. Among these, The Stage Game, which opened at the beginning of the season, represented a very innovative theatrical play experience, in which viewers interacted with the actors as in a role play, discovering the theatrical space and the neighborhood. To date, the space has already involved more than 10,000 spectators and registered 200 people through the Kor Card, a promotional and public monitoring mechanism.

In addition to training courses for cultural operators, in 2018 it was decided to further structure the CRAFT activity, both through the Spazio Kor project and with projects to strengthen and create local and international networks through the Funder35 call, which was won at the end of 2017 Public Season 17/18: 14 shows with 1,000 spectators.

Collaboration started with Festival Astiteatro40 of the Municipality of Asti, on the Performing Arts call for Compagnia di San Paolo, for public involvement and creation of theater / wine events in the festival spaces. It also includes the launch of the Public 18/19 theater season within the PATRIC project with the Municipality of Asti, Teatro degli Acerbi and Teatro di Dioniso. The new editions of Stage Game are being planned, even in unconventional locations, and the theater / music show exchanges with Diavolo Rosso, in the general collaboration for the promotion of the Diavolo Rosso.

In 2018 the Craft Association won the Funder35 tender for the management of the Kor Space and innovative communication and fundraising activities, audience development, for internationalization through the creation of the #chiesecreative network within the European network Future for Religious Heritage and candidacy for Erasmus +.

Start national and international collaborations for artistic residences at Spazio Kor and other Piedmontese realities.

Aldo Buzio
Project Management

Elisabetta Serra
and Content media strategist

Francesco Fassone
Research and professional training
for theater staging

Fabiana Sacco
Administration and organization

Alice Delorenzi
Research and professional training
for theater staging

Riccardo Padovan
Technical consultancy for stage spaces


Legal representative / President: Aldo Buzio

Vice President: Francesco Fassone

Secretary: Fabiana Sacco

Councilor: Alice Delorenzi and Elisabetta Serra

Trasparency 2017

Modulo L124 – 2017

Fabiana Sacco CU

Riccardo Padovan CU

Trasparency 2018

Modulo L124 – 2018

Bilancio consuntivo 2018

Alice Delorenzi CU

Fabiana Sacco CU

Francesco Fassone CU

Riccardo Padovan CU

Trasparency 2019

Modulo L124 – 2019

Bilancio consuntivo 2019

Fabiana Sacco CU

Aldo Buzio CU

Trasparency 2020

Modulo L124 – 2020

Bilancio consuntivo 2020

Fabiana Sacco CU

Aldo Buzio CU

Trasparency 2021

Modulo L124 – 2021

Bilancio consuntivo 2021

Fabiana Sacco CU

Elisabetta Serra CU

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