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Diavolo is back in town – Project


Diavolo is back in town project of the Ottolenghi Summer association was awarded funding for the call for tenders for Culture 2018 of the Compagnia di San Paolo. Starting from the current analysis of the Diavolo Rosso the objective is to recreate an active and creative community within the activities of the Diavolo Rosso, making it still a place of connection and cultural participation of the city. The activities will unfold between courses and activities for very young artists, which will lead them to reflect and express themselves freely in the Diavolo Rosso, improving the structures and creating new cultural appointments.

CRAFT is partner of the project, together with Officine Kaplan, since its conception, many of our experiences matured and refined in the management of Spazio Kor are functional to the creation of the project. The relationship between art and performing arts, the creation of inclusive and participatory paths that strengthen the link between local communities and cultural heritage, the drive to innovate the local cultural landscape, are goals that the Diavolo Rosso and Spazio Kor have in common since the two realities started working together years ago. In addition Diavolo Rosso is one of the first #creativechurches (#chiesecreative)!

Technically for the Diavolo is Back in Town project we deal with:

– Designing an inclusive and innovative path to renew the Diavolo Rosso’s identity and involve a local community (design thinking)

– Design and plan the project for the call (project design)

– Support Ottolenghi Summer in creating the community and relationship with partners and institutions (communities and networks)

– Support Ottolenghi summer in the coordination and management of activities (project management)

– Support Ottolenghi Summer in the organization of complex cultural events (production of events)

– Coordinate project administration from an economic and monitoring point of view (project management)

– Share the experience in creating training courses and creative activities (creative production)

– Involving the Diavolo Rosso in the #chiesecreative network

– Collaborate in the creation and launch of a new website for the Diavolo Rosso (communication)