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Urban Audience Development Laboratory to jointly develop a model of cultural governance of the Audience oriented city

Audience development asti

The ADA project aims to consolidate an on-line and offline audience engagement community in the Asti area, in order to facilitate the exchange of information between operators but above all a process of hybridization and involvement of Asti culture public through actions empowerment of operators, co-planning and technological development.
The ADA Project, winner of the Compagnia di San Paolo Open Community tender, of which the Craft Association is the leader, was designed for a sort of mobility and cross-fertilization of the Asti cultural public, for the growth of different organizations, of the territory and its inhabitants.


The thick and constant cultural programming, often declined on issues related to contemporary society, is not always accompanied by an equally important presence and loyalty of the public. If the scholastic public and the more mature public participate actively and numerously in the events dedicated to them, other segments of the population appear to be less involved and attentive to the cultural offer.

In the project, the Association will deal with the creation of the identity of the cultural project and the community connected to it, the detailed design, the coordination, the development of the platform. He is responsible for managing the international meetings included in the Context and Connection phase. He will participate in training meetings with his operators and will contribute to promotion and communication activities.


The network

The network activated in the area is based on a series of past collaborations and experiments between the partners; each member of the network has already had the opportunity to work with others. In particular, the project stems from a dual experience of collaboration activated in recent months. The subjects of theatrical vocation decided at the beginning of 2018 to establish a network to establish a single center linked to research and contemporary theater, called PATRIC and winner in the Performing Arts competition of Compagnia di San Paolo. Furthermore, some events held in the Spazio Kor, managed by the CRAFT leader, focused on social issues, observed through various languages. Around these events many companies that have collaborated for the organization and promotion have joined together, but above all for the engagement of their own public.
On these occasions it was possible to measure an effective diversification of the public present. The idea of ​​creating a structured and sustainable community was born from these two phenomena of network and cross-public interaction.